Dear all,


hoping you had an amazing New year celebration!


Hard to believe that we are in 2018 year! Wow! the time flies!


Every January we try to look back on the year that we had and the times that are ahead and David and I would love to thank you all of you who visited this beautiful Holiday Home and who made us feel very special!

thank you so much for appreciating all our work, thank you for looking after St Michaels !  and Huge thank you for coming back here time after time!

It is ALWAYS a pleasure to stay in touch too!

We have set up a new photo album on our Facebook page  – with all your beautiful photos! what an amazing keepsake to have!

Thank you all so much for it too!



Without all your help we would not be here!

Have a FANTASTIC year! And we look forward meeting you all soon

Love, Tatiana and David