Support-Expert providing IT support
to home, education and businesses.


Support Expert (part of the London CLC Collective group) provides specialised IT services to schools, colleges, and academies as well as businesses and homes.

The CLC Collective works in partnership with schools, Local Authorities and other providers to maximise the benefits for children and young people from existing investment as well as future procurement.

We are a group of experienced technical experts and classroom practitioners sharing a talent for training, advising and managing. Individually we encompass a wide range of specialisms.

‘Support Expert’ extends the collective, offering technical services beyond our traditional education market in urban areas to all areas of the UK and Europe.

The collective skills and experience is too vast to list, but essentially since the network is made of trainers and techies from business, local authorities, charities, and independents across the UK there is probably nothing we can’t do or advise on!

Totally excited that this local business exists! as David and I are planning to make more updates on our website and maybe we will create a new one for our B & B so we DEFINITELY would love to keep the details of this local experts on hand and would highly recommend to you all to use their service as this business experts have been used by local people at Whitstable town 


So Please contact this company directly on 01227 262 339 

/ London 020 7099 4523 /

kind regards, T & D