Dear all

really sorry that have not been updating the posts on the website for a while, you know where we are – Facebook page “St Michaels Holiday Home” or Instagram hashtag #stmichaelsholidayhome or simply behind the computer screen on

or whatsapp, viber , or text or call on 07506020537 or 07468439716


We have been soooo busy during this GLORIOUS weather that we have not been posting too much on Social Media but this does not mean that we have not  been collecting wonderful memories from dear guests, when the summer days will be over and we  will be stuck in my “home office” again, we  will be more than happy to post all the great photos for you all to see !


At the moment , we wish you a very happy Summer , and we do hope that you will not leave your decisions till late to visit St Michaels again  while there are some dates available


we would be delighted to hear from you all soon!

Sadly we have stopped doing B&B a while ago now that gives us enough time to concentrate on St Michaels (self catering ) holiday makers more!


So if you need ANYTHING – then do not hesitate to contact us anytime !!!!! we would love to hear from you all

And especially would be amazing to accommodate you all soon

lots love, T & D