Dear all,

hoping you all are VERY EXCITED as this weekend we finally start SUMMER TIME!!!



So looking forward to the next weekend already as one of our best holidays are coming up – EASTER TIME!!!!!!! The LOOOOOOONNNGEST school holidays (apart from summer ones) during school year


Lets hope you all have arranged some time away FOR THE children :)))) as otherwise you will have 24/7 times for the next 18 days !! (sounds like naughty parents  already! )


We are ONLY Joking :))) loving  the children and  life at the moment – and the reason to this is – one of our SPECIAL guest is BACK at St Michaels tonight! Hip hip hooray! we WELCOME you back !!

Hoping your 30th birthday celebration will be one of the best ones for you and your friends !


So happy that this weekend is finally here! Enjoy every moment! Hip Hip Hooray!!

Lots of love, T & D