Would love to wish you all a very happy Easter!

With every year I feel less grown up and more excited for the dates like Christmas and Easter especially ! 🙂


sooooo looking forward to a  fun day tomorrow! Our little girl went to be extremely excited as she knows : she will be totally spoilt with lots of love and laughter !!


Not sure who will win the Easter run competition ? Our daughter or her big daddy?(also little kid at heart)

Regardless of it all – I am putting my alarm on for the VERY EARLY start as any mum knows  will need to get all the fun ready for our “kids” 🙂

All the eggs are hidden and ready to be found, and all the medals with the prize (and chocolate trophies ) are waiting for them all!

Let`s not forget that Easter is NOT a New Christmas ( NO NO!!) :)))

Just a bit of family fun together!

SOO happy that our guests at St Michaels are having a wonderful time and not leaving until Monday ( which makes it even more exciting as this means tomorrow is a total day off for us all! hip hip hooray) :))


Happy Easter everybody!

Hope to see you all one day at St Michaels  :))

Love, T x