Swelling Matters  I do treat the more ‘mature’ client. I specialise in lymphoedema management as well as arthritis, aches, pains, strains. I use Deep Oscillation Therapy (electro-static massage) and Photobiomodulation Therapy (Low Laser Light Therapy) to ease pain – perfect at this time of year.
Review from one of the happy customers:

 · 21 August 2017

“Drove the best part of a 120 mile round trip today to see this lady … because, without doubt, she is the best in the South East!

Caring, supportive, beyond knowledgeable and will go out of her way to get you better … properly and as fast as possible! Dee has immersed herself in a scary, unpleasant world of illness and disease and learnt everything there is to know so we don’t have to. We can lean heavily on her to get us better, and she does it with passion … and a smile! ”

Having been in the care industry since the tender age of 14, I have now found what I want to do with the rest of my life. I have nursed people in ALL areas of ailments and disabilities. I began working in lymphoedema clinics, (swelling), and have become so pationate about controlling pain & swelling that I have self funded the specialist training and purchased the equipment needed to make a difference to others.
I have had success with all of my patients bring the INDIVIDUALISED treatments to their homes.
So if you are planning to travel to St Michaels with someone that might need the treatment please contact directly via email

Amethyst Therapies Call 07919 926680
Love T& D