Dear all , would LOVE TO share the information about this incredible place ! Full of love and laughter and delicious meals – “REVIVAL ICE CREAM PARLOR ” !! ( Home Highly recommend to visit! Please read the information below … Read More

Last available weekend in December 2018!! and another Christmas lights switch on, this time in Ramsgate ..

If you missed Canterbury lights switch one , then I would highly recommend to attend this event! Absolutely ADORE Ramsgate harbour with its beautiful sailing boats and their colorful Christmas lights display! You will be sorry not to go and … Read More

Christmas lights !!

Dear all I am one of those who ABSOLUTELY ADORES Christmas!! BUT! NOT IN NOVEMBER!! I DO NOT WISH TO TALK OR THINK ABOUT CHRISTMAS JUST YET! it`s SIMPLY TOO EARLY! 🙂 During this month I would rather lay on … Read More

NEW VIDEO St Michaels Holiday Home !

OMG! we are soooo excited to share this wonderful video ! Thank you so much for watching 🙂 and hoping to see you all one day at St Michaels Holiday home   It is PERFECT for all the occasions ! … Read More

Happy Halloween !!!!!!!!!!

Dear all Hoping you are having an amazing weekend! St Michaels is filled with beautiful guests, can not wait to hear all about their stay ! Hoping to see some of the photos 🙂  as absolutely love collecting such great … Read More


Dear all Can not believe that this glorious summer has been and gone … and KIDS ARE BACK TO SCHOOL WOOP WOOP :)))) As you are reading this on FACEBOOK page 🙂 you probably have heard about AMAZING news that … Read More

Hooray!!!! The sunshine has gone back to Whitstable!!

Dear all,   hoping you are enjoying your weekend! And we thought that the heat wave has left the town :)) but no! Hooray to the glorious weather again!! Kids will be going back to school (breath! HOORAY!! )  so … Read More


Dear all really sorry that have not been updating the posts on the website for a while, you know where we are – Facebook page “St Michaels Holiday Home” or Instagram hashtag #stmichaelsholidayhome or simply behind the computer screen on … Read More

What would you say if we offered you a wonderful weekend?

When was the last time you had THE BEST GIGGLE on holiday with your friend? How many times have you said to yourself that you should GET TOGETHER AGAIN soon and learn that line dancing together ? Who could say … Read More

Dear all, hoping you are LOVING THIS SUMMER weather!! We had so many wonderful guests visiting lately : and one of them are such special family! Thank you SO MUCH for blessing St Michaels! We wish you both a very … Read More

Hooray !!! Summer is here!

What a BEAUTIFUL beginning of  summer !! Hoping you all are enjoying this glorious sunshine ! Hoping all of you had a lovely school holiday break (which seems ages ago now!!) And hoping you all are planning a great break … Read More

AMAZING NEWS about St Michaels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear all! Hoping you have been well and I am sure you have seen our Facebook page with all the great updates about St Michaels?! Without being totally “big headed” would LOOOVE to share this totally amazing news!!! St Michaels … Read More

Tea to You

Have you been thinking about booking a special vintage service for your celebration at St Michaels – then is just for you ! Have a look at the choice of yummy treats that this great local business offers ! … Read More


Congratulations to dear Prince William and his beautiful Katherine ! Let`s welcome a wonderful joy of happiness : young prince of Cambridge!   One  more life has been created  – such an amazing occasion, and so many lives has been … Read More


Maidstone, United Kingdom Amazing house, perfect location and wonderful hosts!!   My family and I have just returned from a wonderful Easter weekend at St Michael’s holiday home. Tatiana and Dave are fabulous hosts who have been so helpful from … Read More

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would love to wish you all a very happy Easter! With every year I feel less grown up and more excited for the dates like Christmas and Easter especially ! 🙂   sooooo looking forward to a  fun day tomorrow! … Read More

Hip Hip Hooray! One more week till Easter !

Dear all, hoping you all are VERY EXCITED as this weekend we finally start SUMMER TIME!!! Hooray!   So looking forward to the next weekend already as one of our best holidays are coming up – EASTER TIME!!!!!!! The LOOOOOOONNNGEST … Read More

Winter is back in Whitstable AGAIN!!

      Dear all , hoping you all had wonderful day today! We all did, while playing in a snow!!! 🙂 Can not believe this weather! First time in .. MANY YEARS since we have seen so much snow … Read More

Exciting times ahead!

Dear all , hoping you are all well and looking forward to Spring … counting days until then IGNORING THIS COLD WEATHER!!!   Absolutely excited to share some great photos with you all ! Sorry for a short note today … Read More

So happy to announce the winner tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please click here to see the video!!)

We are so excited to announce the video tonight! Thank you all SO MUCH for taking part in this fun competition! Thank you for liking our Facebook page, thank you for recommending us to your friends and families, hoping to … Read More

Absolutely LOVING the reviews from our customers!!

Dear all , hoping your new year is going really HAPPY   Can not believe February is already here and please do not forget about our TRADITION GIVE AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   If you log in on our Facebook page there … Read More

WIN A ROMANTIC ST VALENTINE`S NIGHT …. (details on Facebook page!)

During such a special time of the year we TRADITIONALLY offering you all to WIN A ROMANTIC NIGHT (14th February 2018!) at St Michaels holiday home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Special gift for your Valentine .. Simply LIKE our St Michaels Holiday Home, Whitstable … Read More

ONE LAST WEEKEND IN MARCH is still available!

Dear all If you are watching our updates – the bookings are coming very fast (thank you all so much for it!! )   There is only one weekend available in summer (in August ) , and only ONE WEEKEND … Read More

ONE LAST WEEKEND in SUMMER is still available !!

If you are planning to visit St Michaels this summer then please HURRY as there is only ONE  last weekend is AVAILABLE   Friday 3d August – Sunday 5th August 2018 !! We look forward to hear from you soon! … Read More

we would LOVE to say a huge thank you to you all ..

Dear all,   hoping you had an amazing New year celebration!   Hard to believe that we are in 2018 year! Wow! the time flies!   Every January we try to look back on the year that we had and … Read More